5 Purchases That Have Helped My Mental Health

So I think it’s good to reflect on the worth of an item. Not just in cost, but in terms of what they give you in return. So thinking back on the things, I decided to concoct a list of five things that have helped my mental health so far. I may do another one of these in a year but for now, this is what I’ve got.

Zihnic Bluetooth Headphones, $25.99

So for my recovery journey, I need to listen to music each morning to help me wake up my body and mind. That being said, I get up around 5-6 am each morning and I have neighbors who would not approve of my “Get Happy” playlist so for that I need headphones. I’m kind of hard on my headphones so wired headphones are a no for me, so I bought these generic Bluetooth headphones over three months ago and have been happy with them ever since.

“You are an Artist: Assignments to Spark Creation” by Sara Urist Green, $12.49

This one is perfect for anyone who wants to understand art, an artist’s method when they create. There are super fun assignments that anyone can do at any skill level. Now how does that relate to my mental health? I consider myself a creative person and I express that by doing art. It’s a fun way to not have to think about my problems and be mindful in the present moment, art helps me do that.

Tombow Dual Brush Markers, Bright, $29.99

So I know what you are thinking, why buy the marker brand that every bullet journal Youtuber uses? Well, they are amazing that’s why. They are like paint-brushes when you are coloring in stuff. I do a lot of line drawing art using fractal images and it’s beautiful how they turn out. Plus Tombow markers are blendable to you get the full array of colors.

Paperage Dotted Notebook, Yellow, $9.95

So I set up a bullet journal sometime last April and I really liked it. Inside it, there was a resources tab where I keep any new phone numbers or addresses and it has saved me so much time and energy. It is only one hundred pages so you have limited space for doodles, but if you have a proper sketchbook like I do, you won’t need to doodle all over your bullet journal.

Vremi 3-Speed Compact Hand Mixer, $9.99

I love to bake, it lessens my anxiety and makes me happy. I am not the best baker, I’ve only had about two years of practice, but I love it. The best part is that in the end something tasty is created! So when it became apparent that I needed a mixer and bought the cheapest one I could find. It’s pink. Yes, one day I may buy a Kitchen Aid stand mixer in that minty sky blue that appeals to me, but right now I have something that fits my needs.

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  1. […] Mostly this stuff has eased my anxiety and/or made me happy to have it. As I mentioned before in 5 purchases that have helped my mental health, it’s a big part of my recovery to make art so you might see a particular theme emerge. Also, I […]


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