5 Books That Have Changed My Life

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“How to Become a Straight-A Student” by Cal Newport

This book came to me in 2011 and it was a quick read, very informative, and didn’t do that thing that most self help books do. you know how they pat themselves on the back for a super long first chapter(you know what I’m talking about). There was thankfully none of that. And it taught me the importance of having a schedule, how to take notes effectively, and take tests without stress, so it was a win.

“The Latte Rebellion” by Sarah Jamila Stevenson

This book I picked up at a coffee shop and I wasn’t expecting it’s 327 pages to impact he so hard. It got to my heart; I can’t count the times I lie in bed at night and just think about this book, and I read that book in 2011! The Latte Rebellion is a piece of fiction that discusses race and inclusion. It shows you the diaspora of being mixed and shares the experience on an emotional level. I can’t give any more away, but just know it’s totally worth a read.

“The Happiness Equation” by Neil Pasricha

This beautiful blue, 320 page book I read because Thomas Frank recommended it, and he is my productivity BAE. I have watched his YouTube videos, taken his Skillshare classes, and listen to his podcast, The Inforium. Mostly it’s because I am just a big productivity and organizational nerd. Anyways, this book taught me about decision fatigue, the point of time management, how to handle other people and so much more. The information is easy to absorb, and the hand drawn infographics are kin of a nice touch.

“Buffering” by Hannah Hart

This 256 page book was beautiful and unexpectedly deep, while still remaining light-hearted enough to make me laugh. It’s message that “there are no bad guys in this story” is impactful, and the people in this autobiography feel like real people.

“The Financial Diet” by Chelsea Fagan

This beautifully illustrated book taught me that rule number one of life, finances aren’t something that can be put off until you die. You need a budget and a basic understanding of money to function in this world. For a fast 208 pages, it is packed with useful information, recipes, and Q&A Interviews. Anything money related or adjacent it talked about. Also, if you aren’t big on reading the have a YouTube so click here for more videos that can teach you about money.

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  1. Carmen

    Very informative.

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    1. Cindy Tillory

      Thank you!


  2. supernoobdude

    Looking forward to checking out these authors author’s books and social media presence. Your previous recommendations have been great for me.

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