Monthly Motivations: April 2021

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Hey, I’m trying out a new thing and I hope that you’re up for it. I was inspired by one of my favorite YouTubers, Hallease. She creates these amazing videos that are beautifully shot and very carefully crafted and edited. Anyways, she had this old #MondayMotivation video and I like the sentiment of this video and it inspired me to want to make posts like this. I also like being held accountable to someone –being beholden to an audience, if you will. I feel like it can be a good thing. So in the spirit of that, I want to post a monthly update about my life with a few fun things tacked on like a behind-the-scenes, what’s up in my corner of the internet kind of thing. Now, that we have the intro for this month, let’s just get to the heart of it.

Created using Canva

My Month

March has been a tiny bit tumultuous for me. I have never been consistent in much of anything that I do for by and for myself, but I’ve been persevering through it #irregardless. I’m the kind of person who needs an end date on things, to be able to move on to the next thing. Being consistently working on something doesn’t exactly give me thrills, but I want to push through and challenge myself. Plus, think of all that shiny new work experience I can get from creating my very own blog (and eventual website)! I’m a fairly large sucker for learning new skills and achievement in a traditional sense, but I also love a new project. I’m learning a ton, thinking on my feet, and improvising more often than I’d expected. Because of this, I installed Todoist on my phone, so I’m unstoppable! The main issue I have is being able to get a consistent blogging schedule down and what that will look like. As I said, I don’t do well with consistency without an end goal. As of the schedule of my blog, I’m thinking Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Is that too much content for one human to put out each week? who knows?! I guess I’ll have to try it out and adjust accordingly. Anyways, that’s my month.

Goals for April

  • Create three blog post a week (total 12)
  • Read for an hour once a week
  • Finish all my tasks scheduled on Todoist
  • Finish the 3 books I have already started

5 Things I Want to Share Right Now

  1. How to Ruin Everything by George Watsky
  2. YouTuber Matt D’Avella. Seriously, check him out.
  3. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, is awesome so far.
  4. The Financial Confessions podcast, to think about things that are money adjacent.
  5. Todoist app, it will change your life.

Question of the Month

What can I do to be an asset to myself in the coming month?

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  1. supernoobdude

    The make it work artwork is really cool looking. It is great use of Canva. Looking forward to more monthly updates.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cindy Tillory

      it’s a background they have, If you just type art into the search on Canva you can find some neat stuff.


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