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So Recovery Innovations International has the motto “endorse” meaning to give yourself recognition for all the things that you are doing. If you got out of bed in the morning great! Celebrate that shit because that it gets hard some days.Got that bank loan you needed? of course you will celebrate, but what if you finished a particularly harrowing day at work? Endorse that because you made it through! Wins big or small they shape you and if you aren’t celebrating it, to me it feels like your missing out on life.

in the spirit of that I recently started this segment in my bullet journal I like to call “my wins” section. It’s a place for all the things I am doing, learning, and succeeding at. Big or small, personal or professional, I can open a page and it’s all there. I do this because my depression isn’t immune to facts. Yes, I still tell myself negative things about myself, but when 5 pm comes around and I have to log my day’s positive progress, there’s always something to put there. This reminds me of Michelle Obama’s quote “No matter what negativity you hear, there’s always some ray of positive hope out there that you can choose to take in.” I can choose to ignore that nagging voice in my head that is calling me incompetent, ignorant, or incapable and show it this list of all the things I have done.

So within my daily wins, I also have been keeping track of the things I am learning each day as well as the general updates I have for the day. Stuff like making blog posts, who I decided to sponsor via Patreon, and my volunteer work is in my Updates section. You know, all those things really do so I can’t tell myself I’m wasting my time doing nothing when I have clear proof of all the things I am doing. And then there’s Things I am Learning. I enjoy this section because I don’t learn the same things each day, For example with this blog, I am learning a lot about how to write for an audience, who my audience is, and how to market my blog. Not to mention I am learning business skills like WordPress, Canva, Mailchimp, and Todoist. These show I am succeeding, growing, changing, and doing; which is resisting my mental narrative that I’m not.

So as I said, I set aside time at the end of each day to recharge by making an entry.  I chose 5 pm because it’s late enough to where most of the day is gone and also early enough to where I have residual energy and come 7 or 8 pm, I’m tapped out and don’t want to do anything but watch TV.

So yeah, it’s been helping me so far and I think I will keep it up. If you want to follow me on Instagram or follow my page on Facebook click the link.

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