Tracking My Mood: Day 3

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I decided around the 28th, that for April I would track my mood because it’s Content, and also I’ve been feeling a little moody lately. not sad, but my moods have been really erratic. I have a feeling it’s sleep-related since I haven’t been getting good sleep lately. Sleep hygiene, it’s kind of important.

By the way, if you’re reading this then thank you for clicking. I don’t know any other way or making this title more exciting.

mood tracking facts and data

So what am I tracking exactly?

I am tracking my mood, sleep, energy level, social interaction needs, appetite, and how positive or negative my thoughts are. Each category is given on a scale of 1 to 10: 5 being neutral, 4 or below being bad or negative, 1 being the worst, and 10 the best. So if we were to multiply the categories to the rating to get a score for the day, an ideal day would be 60, and a bad day would be 30 or below. And yes, with all this math, It’s done in google sheets. I wanted it that way so that I have on-the-go access to it, like if I need to make changes because my day went from good to bad or bad to worse. So far my chart looks like this:

As you can see in my totals column I have a Key, it lists what makes the week and month good or bad. So set the Good range above 7, So it would be 6x7x7=294 mid-range is similarly calculated 7x6x5=210, and bad is 3 so its calculations are 3x6x7=126.

Why should I care?

So now that the math portion is over, let’s get to the why. Why is this important to do? Well, it’s a way to record each day in terms that your doctor would understand. Plus it’s proof to you that your week isn’t as good or bad as you make it out to be. If The Sims 4 has taught us anything it’s that moods and emotions are fleeting and highly irregular (and also to feed your cowplants). What matters is decent sleep, positive thought patterns, and average energy levels; those are the things that can power us through the week.

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    […] the data chart I’m using is just below. i want you to see the real numbers I’m imputing into this thing because i want you to know that I’m not getting 100% of these numbers from the top of my head. yes I’m evaluating each of these categories on a scale of one to ten but this is as scientific as I can make it. for more info on my numbers click here. […]

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