Mood Tracking Update: Day 10

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So this month I am tracking my mood and last Saturday I told you the how’s and why’s of my tracking process. this week I wanted to show you the data I compiled from the week and maybe get to a few conclusions about this week.

This week was rough for me, I wasn’t sleeping at the beginning of the challenge and it shows in the graphs I’ve made breaking down the specifics. I used Canva to make some lovely line graphs tracking the data, I love a good data chart. Here is the data I’ve been logging for the last 8 days.

So lets just jump to the stats overview.

So what the data tells us is that there is (so far) a correlation between my mood my sleep my energy and my thoughts. There however isn’t a correlation between my appetite and any of the other data points except for maybe lack of sleep. It seems I’m more hungry when I’m tired, which wasn’t what I expected. honestly, I expected a strong correlation between my appetite and my emotions, but who knows what will happen in the coming weeks! I’m a little excited because this combines my two loves; data and Mental health.

My Week in Data


My mood (and overall wellness) seem to go up and then down, I believe this is due to a lack of sleep. In fact, I believe that lack of sleep is what’s pulling the strings on all of my data. Sleep is a vitally important part of any mental health routine, it also makes me kind of cranky and less creative when I can’t get any sleep and makes writing all the more difficult.

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