5 Mindful Habits

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I want to be intentional with as much of my life as possible. I feel like living an intentional and authentic life is an endeavor, maybe not the greatest endeavor of our age, but an endeavor nonetheless.

The 1 Hour Tidy: Have you ever heard the expression “cluttered room, cluttered mind?” It doesn’t take much time to make the bed, clear the floor, vacuum, and do a few dishes. It frees you up to live a cleaner and more mindful life.

5 Minutes of Meditation or Deep Breathing: Here is where the mindful portion of mindfulness comes in. try to take four long deep breaths in at the count of four, let it fill your lungs. Exhale out for the count of four. Try to not let yourself get distracted, focus on the breath. If your mind does wander, gently walk it back and refocus on your breath. Try doing three repetitions of four square breathing and then, see how you feel.

Streamline Your Social Media: Now I don’t want to tell you how to run your life, but if you are following a ton of people who make you feel bad about yourself, or people who violate your mental, energetic, and emotional boundaries, then probably step back and reassess the situation. If you feel compelled to change your actions then that’s up to you. I only know what’s best for me and I feel better about myself when I am not comparing myself to others, perhaps you feel the same.

Mindful Eating: What are you eating? really consider it. The taste, the color, the texture, and the temperature; take it all in each and every moment. Try to be aware and present when you are enjoying a meal.

If you are reading this I challenge you to test out these things even if they aren’t for you. It’s good to get a different perspective and you don’t know which habits will stick with you when you need them. Try to expand your horizons. I believe in you!

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  1. giftedandchilling

    Nice variety of mindful habits to try! I like 1-hour tidy and streamlining social media, it’ll make your home and intake via social media more organised and positive 🤩 Thank you for sharing these ideas!

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