Monthly Motivation: June 2021

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I have to talk about what’s been going on with me and my ability to post on this blog. 3 times a week is not realistic for me, maybe once a week would be better. What would work best for me is to be able to write when I’m inspired, but as we know you get less and less inspired with the less work you do on a project. It’s an “object in motion tends to stay in motion” kind of thing.

Speaking of motion, I am also trying to do YouTube videos once a week. So for more content that’s not about mental health, subscribe. I don’t know if I want to link my YouTube to my blog per se, like cross-posting my YouTube stuff onto my blog. If it comes up, it comes up, but I may make another website entirely if this YouTube thing goes anywhere.

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My Month

So I’m learning a whole lot right now. And it’s not just because I’ve been watching Skillshare videos.  Job skills like time and money management are crucial skills in the real world, who knew! Well probably everybody since they are resume skills that theoretically anyone can have. 

Aside from my money and time constraints I also have been dealing with energy constraints. Though I won’t pretend that being on my laptop all day is just as strenuous as someone working a job doing manual labor. However, I do experience tiredness and fatigue from trying to write all day long. Also, I have other life commitments that need to be addressed because I have friends and a life outside of my work that I have to contend with. it’s about finding a balance.

Aside from that, I got a plant! Its name is Steve and it’s handsome. As you can see Steve has stripes so I named him after that guy from Blue’s Clues.

Steve is a watermelon Peperomia.


So twice now I have set goals and have yet to succeed in them and I am putting added pressure on myself by trying to do YouTube as well as this blog. So the best goal for me to set is to not set one right now. Don’t get me wrong I have aspirations, but for now, they aren’t the actionable steps to get to a place. Maybe next month I’ll do some actual goals

Monthly Aspirations:

  • Post once a week on both YouTube and my Blog
  • Keep my new plant alive
  • maintain a healthy work-life balance

5 Things I Want to Share Right Now 

  1. is a website that talks about money in a realistic and nuanced way. I’m a big fan of making finances easy to understand, plus they have a YouTube in case reading about money is not your thing.
  2. Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free by Nancy Levin is a great book and I think we all need to learn about boundaries in life, and finding when and where you stand is important
  3. Leena Norms is a YouTuber who cares about the environment, books, and media. She talks to you in a calm and non-condescending way that’s both humorous and witty. I support her on Patreon as a member of The Gumption Club because I want to see more from her. I honestly think she’s a highly underrated YouTuber, so check her out.
  4. Ahsante the Artist is another YouTuber I support on Patreon as well and I really love her videos. Her journey to personal growth is compelling, her story is unique, and I love her singing voice. I wish her all the success, all the love, and all the things.
  5. Canva is an app and website where you can customize a ton of things, I use it all the time for various projects or just for adding some spark to my typical photos. It’s simple and easy to use.  

Question of the Month

What do I want to achieve with my time?

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