My Recovery Goals

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So for those of you who are recent followers of my blog, welcome! I feel humbled that anyone would want to read my work. And for those of you who aren’t new to my blog welcome back, it’s good to have you. I don’t know if you have read My Story yet so feel free to glance at it. It may give you some clarity as to what I’ll be discussing.

So recovery goals are just as they sound, goals for recovery. Not everyone sets them or makes formal goals, some people just have aspirations and aren’t ready to set anything concrete. However, I am a very goal-oriented person; some would call me driven. I like to set goals and try to achieve them. I find joy and comfort in building my life that way.

I’ve been going through some things in my life, and I noticed that some of the things that need to change. A few of the goals I once set no longer are serving me or have become routine in my daily life, so I need to set new ones. These goals will be my next goals for a while, though they aren’t time sensitive, lets say by this tie next year I want to be living my life according to this standard.

  1. I want to do more for myself, and less for others. Not that I intend to be selfish, but I want to be more balanced in my interactions with others and assert my boundaries.
  2. I want to have less stimulation. I want to sit for at least an hour a day and not listen or watch anything. I feel like my creative block comes from my constant stream of outer stimuli and I feel as though that it clouds my ability to think or to imagine.
  3. I want to read more. I like to think of reading as the foundation of imaginative thinking, it gives you a base on which to work.
  4. I want to speak up for myself. Much of my relationships I give and give, but for a healthy relationship, there has to be a give and take. If you don’t speak up, you’ll never be heard.
  5. I want to take care of my physical health. By that I mean eat healthier, go to the doctor more regularly, exercise more often, and most likely try to lose the quarantine 15 I acquired in 2020.

So these are the things I need to work on in my life. Each one helps me in a different way when I made this list I was thinking of all the ways we approach health. From spiritual to mental to emotional to physical.

So how do I make my own recovery goals?

Recovery goals are personal to a degree; however, if you have a therapist they may have set some goals for your therapy that are recovery goals. If you don’t have a therapist then consider Using the SMART method. SMART stands for  Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time-sensitive. Also the areas that you might want to look into for your recovery goals would be emotional, mental, physical, social, and spiritual. That’s how I define my health these days.

 So what did you think about my goals? What do you want to set for your own goals? Comment down below.

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