My Five-Year Plan

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So a few of you expressed interest in my last post “How to Live a More Intentional Life” specifically in me showing my five-year plan. So I figured why not tell you my plans while they are still fresh in my mind from my six-month update.

How I Created My Plan

Version 1.0: So originally the idea came to me in May of 2020, while watching Hannah Witton lay out her five-year plan in a YouTube video. And at the time I thought how hard could it be? So I created my first plan. This plan was clunky and didn’t exactly fit me or my current needs. In it, I had things like “be a better adult” and “be a more confident and more experienced person” of course with a list of things that I could achieve to get there.  There was a list of barriers for my goals and a “current needs” list to help me keep them in check.

Version 1.5 Now I decided a few months in to make my plan as concrete as possible I set up a timeline to achieve my goals and added in a few things like a Focus (a focus would be considered as skills I would be building up or smaller achievements that lead to the bigger goal). But it the problem with this method was timing. How do you plan when the world is constantly (and right now overtly) in flux?

Version 2.0 October I removed some of my goals and added or augmented a few others and had a streamlined version of what I wanted to accomplish but again it had no flexibility. But it did have questions I wanted to ask myself. Granted those questions were standard. what’s my job? Where am I living? How much is my Income? Kind of questions, but this process did open the door to my more reflective intuitive side.

Version 3.0 Come January my goals had shifted and I wanted something more streamlined just the essentials but with the flexibility to pivot should I need to. I am keeping in mind what I brought to the table in versions 1-2, but I am more reflective of my goals and receptive to changing them should they no longer serve me.

My Five-Year Plan

  1. Go to a 4-year university
  2. Get an internship or become a TA
  3. Start a career as a case manager or guidance counselor (today I’m leaning more towards guidance counselor)
  4. Save up to buy a home or pay off debt

 So what did you think of my five-year plan? Would you create your own five-year plan why or why not? Comment down below!

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