Why “The Happiness Equation” still matters

Cindy Tillory Avatar

Neil Pasricha’s book “The Happiness Equation” published in 2015 may be the most important read of your life, but after the horrors of 2020, is it still worth the read? I would argue yes. It’s definitely worth the read, but why?

2020 opened us up to a new reality, one much darker than our former reality and there’s no putting it back in the box. I could talk about vaccination rates or the death toll so far, but I won’t. Not because I don’t think that it’s real, but because it will continue to rise until vaccines are widely available to all and people actually follow through on getting vaccinated. Yes, this is where I stand on the issue, and I won’t back down. Anyways, back to why the happiness equation still matters.

With all this death surrounding us and news like the climate disaster, civil liberties being stripped away from Americans, racism, injustice, and even just general dismay it’s easy to internalize the world’s problems as our own. Yes, we are not the news, but to argue that we are not affected by the 24-hour news cycle is childish. 

In February of 2021, I picked up The Happiness Equation again. I was shocked by its insight and for an advice book, it was actually quite helpful. There are hand-drawn diagrams, and helpful anecdotes, stories, poems… it’s a bit of everything inside. All filled with topics like gratitude, mindfulness, time management, anecdotes about decision fatigue, and more you can find a multitude of truths that converge on one point. Our own happiness.

I don’t want to give away the whole book, but it is certainly worth your time if you haven’t read it already.

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