Recovery Goals Check-In: August 2021

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This month has been tough on me in my personal life. I’ve been having problems with a friend and it’s just been this chaotic mess. We’ll work through it, but for now, it’s just a kind of harder than expected. That said, I have been making progress on my goals. It’s been slow, but it has happened and I count that as a win.

This month I have been trying to manage my social support systems along with my academic, career, and personal goals. I know what I want and I’m trying to take steps toward them without going back on my progress in my recovery.

“Do more for myself and less for others”  So this one has been hard for me because as I try to close out on my commitments, I can’t help but feel guilty for setting that boundary. I know that if I want good grades in my classes I need to focus on school but I do worry about hurting other’s feelings. I know that it’s not rational and that I can’t be everywhere and do everything, however it doesn’t stop this feeling. I do have to remind myself that feelings arent facts and that eventually they will move on as will I.

“Have less stimulation/set aside creative time” so this one I haven’t done yet because some days I’m feeling super creative and can write a piece quickly in a 2-hour timeframe (minus editing) other days I have nothing. I am putting it on my to-do list, however, when I don’t feel inspired, nothing good comes of it. I know writing requires practice and discipline, so it’s going in my calendar today and we’ll discuss how it’s been going next month.

“Read more” So in The Storygraph, I hit my goal of 12 books a year! I know it doesn’t sound impressive but I got out of the practice of reading and I just wanted to get back into the swing of things. Audiobooks have helped me think about things, especially The Anthropocene Reviewed audiobook narrated by John Green. Sometimes I buy the book and read along while the audiobook is playing to help me focus. And also, I need new glasses, and audiobooks have helped me so much when I want to read and I can’t because the book is giving me a headache (because I’m constantly squinting to read).

“Speak up for me.” this one has caused problems for me over this last month. I then found this maxim on Facebook that I found inspiring “boundaries will always hurt the people who have profited from your brokenness.” and I find it to be true. The people who want the best for you will respect your boundaries, the people who don’t, care about their happiness over yours. So even though it hurts right now, in the long run, it’s better. You have to break a bone for it to be reset.

“Take care of my physical health.” I’m trying to be better with this but the only real progress I can give is that I am trying. I’ve done doctor’s appointments, exercise, yoga, eating healthier, but so far no tangible results. But it’s only been a few months and I haven’t been doing these things regularly, so I just need to do better.

So now we have reached the part where I convince you to follow me on Instagram for somewhat mediocre pics and the occasional inspirational quote. I have a Facebook page too if you would like to check that out in case you missed an article or want some mental health tips.

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