Monthly Motivation: September 2021

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If you feel like you are in a black hole don’t give up. There is a way out.”

Stephen Hawking

My Month

Of all the trying times in my life, this one happens to be one of the more daunting. I may lose a friend and it would be a lie to say I’m not equal parts relieved and sad, but at the very least I know that it’s coming. We both discussed it. The current Covid disaster didn’t cause it, it mostly exposed what the underlying problems have always been. I don’t know if I’ll write about it just yet, I would hate to put my friend-troubles as “content”, but it’s also a learning experience as well, so I don’t know. But if I do decide on it I would want my friend’s permission if I were to go into more detail.

On a less personal note, what would you think if I changed the color scheme and maybe added a logo? As much as I kind of hate the whole “everything is a brand” mindset, it does gather more attention. I want this blog to be successful, but I don’t want to lose authenticity.

Other than that I’m also back in school and trying to juggle everything somewhat unsuccessfully. I’m trying to have a social life along with school and it never really worked out for me in the past, so I’m not sure why I think it would work now except for that now all my classes are online. Am I being too chatty about my month? Feel free to stop, if it’s getting to be too much. I’ll just close out by saying this month was a bit of a mixed bag.

Plant update

I bought two new plants and created a propagation. I named them accordingly. There is a ZZ Plant in my collection called Philip Coulson, a Marble Queen Pothos named Amelia, and the propagation’s name is Frank N. Stein (because I enjoy jokes).  Anyways here is my green family photo.


Last month

  1. Positive mindset for school: Done
  2. Read one chapter a week: Done
  3. Get a week ahead on the blog: Unfinished

This month

  1. Get ahead a week (still trying)
  2. Write outside of the blog even if it’s just a journal entry
  3. Take some time to be creative
  4. Do all the reading for my classes
  5. Turn in all my homework on time

Five Things I Want to Share Right Now

  1. “The Chair” on Netflix is better than I expected and it really hit me with all the feels
  2. “Placement” by Watsky
  3. Hannanalyze This Podcast
  4. Are u ok? By Kati Morton
  5. Notion app for note-taking and Journaling

Monthly Question:

If you could express yourself however you wanted, what would you create? This extends to art, fashion, basically anything!

 Take care! By the way, I have an Instagram if you’re interested in my average photography skills.

Have a beautiful day and an extraordinary month!

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