Recovery Goals Check-In: September

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If this month if it had an aura it would be green, the color of new growth. I feel like I am beginning to grow from my experiences this month. I’ve been experiencing growth in my personal life, my professional life, and in my mental health recovery.

Still trying to juggle my academic goals with my friendships and career goals, but I feel like that’s just how my world works now. It will never be perfect, but that’s life and I’m learning to accept that.

“Do more for myself and less for others”

I’ve been stricter with my boundaries now that I don’t have the same free time that I had before school.  Somehow saying “I’m sorry, but I need to do X for school this week” is a good way to establish your boundaries, who knew! But seriously, it does help when you feel an emotional obligation but I actually have work.

“Set aside creative time”

That is the one thing that I haven’t been doing, yes, right now I am writing my blog using time that I set aside, but in general, I haven’t put together time to write (at least not on a consistent schedule). I do however have journaling time in the mornings. It’s a time where I try to get some morning pages in –which has improved my overall mood and creativity– But I can’t say that it’s 100% creative time.

“Read more”

I Just finished up the audiobook of an Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green. I loved and hated April May, and cannot wait to listen to the sequel A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor, but in the meantime, I’ll be listening to Somebody’s Daughter a memoir by Ashley C. Ford. Other than that I’ve been reading The Essential Ginsberg, a collection of Allen Ginsberg’s writings edited by Michael Schumacher.

“Speak up for me”

I feel like it’s getting easier to speak up for myself, using my voice hasn’t always been easy, but I am getting my needs met which is what matters. I feel like there are 3 types of No’s

  1. Personal policy: a policy you have for everyone regardless of circumstances.
  2. Warm No: negotiation for getting both parties needs to be met
  3. Cold No: no negotiation, not compromising, it’s a solid no.

“Take care of my physical health”

So I’ve fallen off the workout train,  I am not exercising at all right now. I walk places, but I don’t consider that as an actual workout. I need to get back on track with that, and this is why I do this every month, it helps hold me accountable to someone, even if that someone is the entirety of the internet.

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