Monthly Motivation: October 2021

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“No matter what negativity you hear, there is always some ray of positive hope out there that you can choose to take in.”

Michelle Obama

I want to do something different with the monthly motivational posts that I put up. I know that before they were these silly posts that didn’t really gel with the vibe I was going for so I’m changing them into updates about the Website. From now on they will be a look into what we will be discussing in the month.

This week is Mental Illness Awareness Week as well as this month is Sober October and this Sunday, the 11th, will be World Mental Health Day. I want to emphasize the importance of these days and give you content this month that will reflect that.

If you are in my social circle you may be aware that I want to make this blog more than what it is currently, I want Late-Start to thrive so I will be making more mental health content that will reflect that. I plan on reintroducing the wellness toolbox articles, maybe add in some more pop-cultural elements such as mental health Movie reviews, and add in a few more personal essays that I think you might like. The goal of all of this is to do the work that makes me the proudest of myself. And I think that’s all we can do with the finite time we have on this small blue planet.

Oh and also I have a new email just in case you want to send me anything electronically, it’s if you are curious.

Take care!

By the way, I have an Instagram if you’re interested in my somewhat average photography skills

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