My 2021 Gratitude List

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Gratitude: the simple act of showing a thankful appreciation for the things in our lives. The last few years have been very hard on all of us, but I believe now is the time we step out of ourselves and begin to look at things from a different perspective.

For me this year has been even harder than 2020 and let’s be honest that’s saying something. In 2020 is was in my introvert bubble and didn’t have to interact with others, or could choose not to interact if I wanted to. And in 2021 the world opened back up and I was left wondering, “what do I do now?” My social skills were not primed for the brunt of the weight of 2021 and I may have pulled something. Thankful it’s only a minor sprain to my ego, but let’s get to the point: Gratitude. I didn’t want to close out this year without a look back at the joys I experienced. So here is a list of things I have been grateful for this year.

  1. My apartment. I won’t lie having a roof over your head and somewhere safe to lay your head at night gives me a great sense of peace.
  2. My Plants. They are my green friends. I absolutely adore them and they bring me so much joy!
  3. Dresses and skirts with pockets. This brings me joy to know that the fashion overlords aren’t completely heartless.
  4. maintaining my boundary practice. This gives me a whole new sense of self. To be able to detach from others and walk my own path is a new form of enlightening.
  5. Nature. Cuz it’s beautiful and exists while this planet is still habitable.
  6. the ability to go outside. the option to work on my patio while I enjoy the California winter sun. Yes, please!
  7. Louise Hay: How to love yourself cards. For when I feel less than my sparkling self.
  8. Papermate Retractable Ink Joy gel pens 0.7mm NOT A SPONSOR, but they do bring me so much joy to write within my personal journals.
  9. Zebra double-ended Mildliners. ALSO NOT A SPONSOR, but they do bring me joy when I use them in my journals as decoration.
  10. Books. I am a big fan of books so this list wouldn’t be complete without them.
  11. Grocery delivery is a holdover from 2020, but without the stress of having to shop at a store and contactless delivery is a win for me.
  12. My laptop, Bertram. How would I have made it without Bertram the world will never know. I know it may seem vapid to thank a machine for doing its job, but he does it well.
  13. Viewers like you! Anyone who takes the time to read my blog or watch my youtube videos should know that this makes a big difference to me.

So that is my list stay tuned for what’s coming in the new year!



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    […] And so we close another chapter of our lives and begin again. I know I’ve already thanked 2021 for bringing me so much. It brought me this blog, which is for me at least a special place where I can express myself and also be a light within the Mental health community. 2021 also brought me several new adventures and opportunities to express myself. I wanted to give 2021 a proper send-off, so I ended my year with a Gratitude List. […]


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