January 2022

“It’s hard to be a person who never gives up.”

Babe Ruth

And so we close another chapter of our lives and begin again. I know I’ve already thanked 2021 for bringing me so much. It brought me this blog, which is for me at least a special place where I can express myself and also be a light within the Mental health community. 2021 also brought me several new adventures and opportunities to express myself. I wanted to give 2021 a proper send-off, so I ended my year with a Gratitude List.

By the way sorry for the break from October to well, today. Life’s been a tad bit hectic for me. I recently got into a Leadership class called Transformation Leadership brought to you by Leap To Success. I’m excited to be able to be a part of this program and I think it’s going to be good for me and for the direction I want to go in life. Also, I figured out the path I want to take in my education, and finding this truth has been so freeing for me. I honestly feel like I’m brand new. And speaking of new, I want to discuss some changes…

New Year, New Changes

So in my digital life, I have been building my idea of what I want late-start.com to stand for. So in the beginning I was more concerned with trying to find my voice and do what was popular, but now I’m thinking about doing something a bit different. I want this channel to be about three specific things: Mental health, Creativity, and Productivity. Below 👇 is a list of all the changes I’ll be making to the blog so far.

  1.  As some of you may know I have a YouTube and I may link the videos if they are relevant to my posts (or are they articles, I’m never quite sure what to call them). And also my youtube channel is changing but more on that later. I’m going to try to be as consistent as I can with both my YouTube and this blog. But keep in mind the one and only universal truth: ALL THINGS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.
  2. My monthly motivations will just be labeled by the month and year as their title. It’s less wordy and makes them easier to find. Wellness days will be in the monthly motivations, to bring more awareness to the month or day. I’m kind of doing this so I can be aware of these days for myself as much as for the people who read this blog. Also unless it’s relevant to mental health, creativity, or productivity; I won’t mention things to check out in my monthly motivations.
  3. NO MORE MOVIE REVEIWS. The thing is I will watch the movies for weeks before coming up with what I want to say about them, and honestly, they don’t get many readers since they are fairly older movies.

🎉Now for the fun stuff!

✨Wellness Days to Celebrate this Month

  • National Celebration of Life Month
  • National codependency awareness month
  • January 3rd International Mind-Body wellness day

📺 People & Things I’d love for you to check out

So that’s the news for January, hope your New Year is full of hope and possibility.

Stay Safe,



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