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The first article I wanted to do in this new year was going to be about my goals and maybe put it up on the blog. Then, I saw Thomas Frank’s Impossible List and list and thought to myself I could do that. Then I thought, what if I made this a 40-before-40 list like Leena Norms. So I did, mostly as a way to make my goals time-sensitive since without urgency I would most likely stay at home and eat Cheetos.

So yes, this is a mishmash of ideas to create something hopefully different but let’s be honest, all art is just borrowing.

So a bit about me, I love setting goals and coming up with new ways to challenge myself. It’s just something in me that pushes me to have that drive, however that drive has never been fully sustainable. I struggle to finish things. I know somedays it’s about how many spoons I have, but it’s hard to not imagine what my life would look like if I prioritized my goals a bit more. So this is where the impossible list comes in, in an impossible list you cross off all the things as you get to them. And add in what you are currently working on.

So here it is half-impossible list half 40-before-40 list. Some of it seems impossible, some of it just requires me getting something and learning that skillset, and unfortunately, some of it is just things I’ve been putting off doing or learning because I wasn’t perfect at it or worried I would be bad at it. That has to stop. For now, this list is a reminder of what I can do, not what I can’t.

*For more information on Impossible lists, I suggest going to https://impossiblehq.com

Personal Goals

  1. Learn to sew using a sewing machine
  2. Build a bookshelf from scratch
  3. Learn to drive
  4. Understand Art Theory
  5. Maintain a loving relationship with someone.
  6. Meet Jonathan Van Ness
  7. Visit the Tate Art Museum in London
  8. Keep a permanently clean home AKA: Learn to clean up
  9. Learn to care for succulents properly
  10. Learn to dance


  1. Pay off all my credit card debt
  2. Have a permanent home (condo or house)
  3. Learn about investing and see if it’s right for me
  4. Invest in a home office
  5. Get sponsored content for the blog and YouTube
  6. Learn to understand affiliates AKA: make Late-Start sustainable
  7. Have multiple streams of income
  8. Create a retirement fund
  9. Have more than $5k in savings
  10. Have a credit score of 750 or above

Work & Skill

  1. Release a book
  2. start a podcast
  3. Create a digital product
  4. Give some sort of talk
  5. Get paid to write an article for someone else.
  6. Gain 1k subscribers on my YouTube
  7. Gain 1k subscribers on my blog
  8. Gain 100K YouTube subscribers
  9. Gain 100k subscribers on my blog
  10. Do a Collab project with someone I respect
  11. Give a sponsored Notion tour
  12. Create a self-portrait using my DSLR
  13. Improve my public speaking skills to where I feel comfortable talking to large groups
  14. improve my typing to 75 WPM
  15. Create a work of photographic art
  16. Be conversational in Japanese or German
  17. Be fluent or at least conversational in Spanish
  18. learn to edit like Lucy Moon
  19. be comfortable with Adobe Premiere Pro
  20. Learn procreate AKA: get an Ipad

Currently Working On:

Paying off my credit card debt

Creating a digital product

Learning Adobe Premiere Pro

Improving My WPM

March 18th, 2022

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  1. candlecarmengmailcom

    thats a great list and inspires me to do my own. great job

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cindy Tillory

      Thanks for the kind words, I’m glad my work inspires you.


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