April 2022

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“There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn’t.” —John Green, Turtles All The Way Down

Today is a good day to write.

Sorry for my hiatus, but I have been busy getting my hours in for my peer support certification. Oh and by the way, passed the last test! I got certified and I am so proud of myself. I’ve been wanting to do this certification for years now, but have wanted to get more stable in my recovery to be able to do this. now that I am stable and have the certification, I can only think of this quote by John Green. there was a time in my life when hope seemed impossible and as I was lying in that cold and unforgiving Mental ward I needed hope. Hope would have helped me recover, medication was important, as was my environment, but what I need was the belief in something better was possible. That was hope for me, and it came to me in moments.

Not every situation is going to be hopeful, but there will always be moments worth remembering.



Now that my classes are over I have plenty of reading to catch up on. I am working my way through my self-help books, but need to stop buying more books t throw onto the pile. So it may get to be a few more months until finish a book and have a review up for you guys to read. In the meantime, I do have topics I want to talk (and by talk I mean write) about.


I’ve thought long and hard about what to do with my YouTube and I realized I have three options:

  1. Keep it how it is and do mostly vlog content or topic-based videos about well talk about fashion
  2. Completely erase all my videos and become a regular YouTube viewer (though I watch too much already)
  3. Change it to being the late-Start YouTube channel and make more mental health content.

Of course, 3 was the most reasonable of my options, so this requires a massive overhaul of what I do there. I already figured out branding and colors so that’s easy, but what do I do about content. I cant make videos of the same topics because that could get difficult quickly so I guess I would have to ask you what kind of content do you want to see? Comment down below if you are interested in my YouTube.

✨ Recovery & Wellness Days To Celebrate This Month

April is Stress Awareness Month — many of us myself included do not cope well with stress. but I’ve learned how to manage my stress more effectively by acknowledging it and trying to take some time, even just a moment for myself to decompress.

2 responses

  1. candlecarmengmailcom

    missed ur blog. glad it is back. u go girl


  2. Cindy Tillory

    Thanks. I missed doing this!


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