May 2022

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If I could put the last few months into two words I would have to say: utter chaos. Originally, I would go with utter trash but I’m an aspiring optimist. I had so many plans to make this blog better than ever, but I didn’t have time to actually sit down and write, plan or otherwise devise an actual work schedule for my blog. I have a few more things I have to balance out in my life, and I have several commitments for May, and all of them matter. So I have this Cal Newport quote as a reminder for me to not ignore this blog because it does matter so much to me, despite my inability to make time for it.

✨What’s New With Late-Start in May?✨

What’s new?

I have a few new things in the works, so I haven’t been 100% busy with non-blog-related content since February. I have two sparkly new wonderful interviews for you that I want to stagger out, mostly because I haven’t edited them yet, but rest assured they will go in. I have a few articles I want to set aside time to do for this month, and I have some that may take me some extra time to do but could be interesting down the line. 

What’s Changing For me? 

I want to start putting together a content calendar for when I do things and also start saying no to opportunities I don’t need to do. I need to streamline my creative process and also set aside time to just grind out my ever-growing inbox of things until It’s manageable (or at least semi-manageable). Lastly, I want to make more use of my Canon Rebel T7📸(it cost me more than it’s currently worth for my cost per use), so I was thinking about maybe taking more pictures and posting them to the blog. Like this section for updates could have a pic of me typing at the computer or I could do something more aesthetic if need be.

I do have a problem with not thinking about the present and being obsessed with the future of this project. I want this to reflect a certain quality and be a very particular way, but obsessing over what something can distort what it is. Right now what I need to focus on is my three Cs:  content, consistency, and conversations.

🎉🎉Wellness Celebration Days

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and you can help people who are struggling with mental health challenges not just by donating to organizations like NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) but also by being informed and aware of what’s going on in your local community in regards to public health because of course, mental health is public health. I’ll leave some links down below on places to get better acquainted with for mental health.

Mental health | World Health Organization

Mental Health Education | NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness

📚🎧📺 What to Check Out this May!

  • sailor moon lo-fi on Spotify
  • Netflix series: Heartstopper
  • Pixielocks on YouTube
  • Essentialism by Greg McKewon
  • The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees

So that’s what’s going on in May, and May all your dreams come true! (see what I did there😉) XOXO


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