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There’s power in nature, from the loudest crack of thunder during a storm to the mysterious call of a blue whale. Nature is a vast and varied thing that surrounds us. My house plants are a part of nature, though more domesticated than say a California redwood, they are no less wildlife that lives with me.

So I wrote about my lovely roommates before and I just needed to do it again, don’t judge. So here’s my first real article in a long time.

How My Plants Have Helped In My Recovery

  • Remembering to care for myself. It’s a gentle reminder that all things need care to thrive, including myself.
  • Getting motivated to do things such as getting up in the morning because there’s a reason. My plants may need extra care.
  • Cheering me up by being a living thing that is thriving by my actions. It reminds me that I can make a small but positive difference with my actions.

The Transformative Power of Caring for Something Other Than Yourself

For me caring for a living thing creates a sense of curiosity and helps to understand the world around me. I don’t just care for my plants, I research them. Learning more about plants is an enriching experience for me because I can use that experience to connect with others. I recently propogated some of my Marble Queen Pothos to share with a friend. So my bonds with my plants and my friends combine.

A Few Questions to Ask Before You Buy A Plant…

  • What kind of care do you want to give (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)?
  • What kind of natural light does your home get?
  • What is your lifestyle like? Do you go out often or are you a homebody?
  • How much googling do you want to do?

A Few Plant Resources:

Plant advice



Plant Communities:

(Podcast) Black in the Garden

(YouTube) Nick Pileggi

(Instagram) Plantkween

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