June 2022

Cindy Tillory Avatar

“Sometimes what you don’t do is just as important as what you do.”

― Greg McKeown

So you know how last month I said I would write and get a ton of stuff done and I was going to try not to over-commit myself then accidentally did it anyways? Yep… so um, anyways here’s the monthly update post.🙃

✨What’s Going on In June?✨

Well, I want to try to get more actual writing in instead of just ideas that don’t go anywhere. the good news is this time has really helped me be able to recharge my creative energy and allow me some space between work and life. So perhaps this time was good for me to take? Although, perhaps I could do something else to be able to better align with my goals for Late-Start overall. I do want to do more for this website and be able to make it stand out a bit more, but so far I’ve used a template to be able to get everything noteworthy on the Homepage.

📹YouTube-y Things

so one of my big goals for January is to get the late-start YouTube channel up and running, that means making scripts, creating new ideas, editing, and creating an upload schedule. so far ive changed the name on my YouTube and got some branding colors for everything across the platforms, but nothing is being used all that often on social Media. i feel like i need a social media consultant. you know to help me figure out the hard work of branding, content schedules and how and when i should be posting my content. do Social Media Consultants exist? I have no idea, but i feel like there would be a benefit to having someone else step in to help me figure out what I should be doing, how i should be doing it, and how effective are my current strategies.

🎧📺📚What to Check Out In June

so i decided since it’s summer and it’s super hot out (in most places) i figured i would give you some recommendations that you can enjoy from the comfort of your phone.

  • Check out Ryan George, it’s “super easy, barely an Inconvenience.” leave a comment if if you get that reference
  • My Chemical Romance has a new single out called “Foundations of Decay”
  • “Broke Millennial” is a book series, and it’s amazing on audiobook.
  • “An Absolutely Remarkable Thing” is also an audiobook; it’s got excellent voice actors.👌
  • Headspace is an app that I have used for meditation, I can’t seem to sit still, but if you can, I suggest giving it a try. BTW they don’t sponsor the blog and there are tons of apps that do this. I just tried headspace, If you want to give meditation a try it’s not terrible.

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