The Secret to Confidence

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Why this matters

How Do I Become a More Positive and Empowered Individual?

So much of the world diminishes our spark, we don’t need to do it to ourselves. One of the ways that have helped me is to set a timer on my phone and have an allotted time of 2 minutes for self-pity or self-doubt. If it comes up later, I force myself to list one positive thing about myself to replace or combat that negative thought.

If that doesn’t work try listing out your positive traits. I know that this is a classic that most therapist use as a go-to to boost your self-esteem. It’s a bit campy, but it works! I try to go for 22 because it’s my favorite number, but if you are new to this try 5 or 10 if you get to 3 and can’t think of more that’s okay! Here’s a secret: Having confidence doesn’t make you invulnerable to criticism or self-doubt, it just makes it harder for those words to penetrate your core. Confidence is a muscle that you build and much like any muscle, it provides support and protection to our more vulnerable areas.

What if I need more support?

If you can’t get out of a negative thinking spiral and it’s affecting lots of areas of your life talk to your doctor, he may recommend you see a therapist or can help you find care in your area.

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