January Reset Plan

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In the previous article, I planned to reset my body, mind, and space to prepare for the year ahead, this is the 3-week plan I am starting as of today.

Week 1: Space

There is a time for everything, including organization. Day one is all about being organized and reducing my clutter. this helps my mindset because extra clutter distracts me and hinders my process. plus I live in an apartment and space is limited.

Things in this list include:

  • Clearing the clutter on my table, counters, and TV stand.
  • Taking donations to the right center
  • Throwing out the paper clutter
  • Cleaning the bedroom and making the bed

Week 2: Mind

I firmly believe that once you put your mind to something it’s hard to back down. So a part of this reset is convincing myself that I can and will do this, “Here’s how”.

Things in this list include:

  • Set my intentions for the year
  • Creating a goal action-plan
  • Set a timeline for my goals
  • Schedule in time to update my systems (ie: update my passion planner and etc)
  • Scheduling chores on repeat in my to-do list app

Week 3: Body

to start strong I need to make sure that all of me is prepared to make this happen and that means thanking my body for the strength it gives me every day and treating it right.

Things in this list include:

  • Eat healthy foods
  • Buy a good multivitamin
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Stretch every morning

I hope that with this reset plan in place I will be able to start the year off in a healthy place with fewer points of contention in my day-to-day.

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