Have You Had Enough?

Cindy Tillory Avatar

Have you ever had a situation escalate beyond your imaginings of what you wanted to happen and basically just exploded right in front of you hurting not just you but the people you care about?

So… Yeah, that’s my life right now. 😰 No need to call for help, everything’s fine (She says while everything burns all around her🔥🔥🔥). BUT SERIOUSLY, things are being handled, which gives me hope that things will get better.

So I’ve been thinking about the concept of enough. First, through the lens of empathy and privilege from a Vlogbrother’s video that popped up on my feed a few weeks ago. The video in question was titled “enough” and was about the privilege of having enough and how much of the world is mired in precarity and how the wealthy and privileged never have enough because of the hell that is comparison.

Now I think about that line that the antagonist Silco says in Netflix’s Arcane “….all the while a question lingers before you, ‘have you had enough?’” and given my current situation, I do wonder if this is it for me or will I continue to make situations worse for myself (and just so we’re clear, I’m not being hard on myself. I mean this objectively, I have a problem).

So what’s a solution? For me, it’s most likely going to include therapy in some form. I don’t like that it has to include it, I thought that was something I was able to move past, but I see now that sometimes you need a tune-up. This will keep my mind to be in a better place and keep me from falling into these patterns.

if you find yourself falling into a lot of the same negative patterns and end up putting yourself into situations that aren’t helpful perhaps you should seek out a professional as well. There are a lot of people who can help you. Talk to your doctor. See if you can get a referral to see a therapist. Just because I’m going through this I know what it’s like, but even if I wasn’t I want to tell you this: if you’re hurting, see a specialist. Even if you think it’s not real, even if you think that it’s not going to get worse; everyone can benefit from Talk Therapy.

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