My 2023 Goals

Cindy Tillory Avatar

Welcome to the first post of the new year. I have goals and plans for 2023 and they can all be achieved both virtually and in person this year. My belief is that these goals set my intentions for the year, I want to start the year strong, both here with the blog and also with myself. so here they are my 2023 goals fleshed out and organized by category.


  • Post a minimum of 3x a month on the Late-Start blog
  • Draw or doodle 2x a week to help rebuild my artistic skills
  • Watch tutorials videos or read art/photography books to help me better my artistic & photography skills
  • create an office space for writing

Financial Wellness

  • pay off my debt
  • upgrade my equipment

Health & Nutrition

  • Set aside time each month for meal planning
  • Walk for 45 mins every day
  • create another mood chart tracker, just for me

Personal Growth

  • Make a conscious effort to stand up for myself in situations that call for it.
  • Write or draw one thing that I’m thankful for each week
  • Make a conscious effort to work on managing and prioritizing my time more effectively.
  • document my life without posting it all to social media.

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