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As I am trying to figure out what to do next with this blog (read here for more details) I have decided to do a 6-month no/low-spend challenge. I know it’s not “A Year of Less” –a great book by the way, I listened to the audiobook and the narration was excellent– but I realized I have to reform some of my spending habits and be more mindful.

just so you know I am no financial expert, I’m just a person doing their own assessment of their finances who sees a need to cut back. if you feel the same, maybe asses your finances and see where you can reasonably (emphasis on reasonably) cut or talk to an expert, some banks and/or credit unions actually offer that service for free.

Why 6 Months?

In order to run, you first have to walk. My hope is that the rules keep me on the path to better finances. Also, I want to be able to close out the year with good finances. instead of the same December/early January regrets from overspending nearly all year round.

What Are the Rules?

  1. No new clothes or shoes, unless I can’t repair what breaks. I have plenty in the clothing department, not more than most, but more than enough to get by.
  2. Gifts, should an occasion arise, have a $15 cap, card included.
  3. No dining or take-out. Yes, groceries and meal planning.
  4. No browsing Amazon or other online (or in-person) storefronts to see what they have. I always end up buying something and I almost always regret it.
  5. Money will go only to savings or to pay down debt.
  6. Weekly blog check-ins on Sundays to hold me accountable (also, it is more content to keep the blog going).

Where to Start?

First things first, I need to look at my living expenses for the last 6 months and try to calculate how much I will be saving on average. I’m doing this so I can automatically deduct that money from my account and not even look at it. For me looking = temptation to spend. Other than that my official start date will be June 1st, 2023.


Cindy Tillory

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