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Before I begin, I would like to say that I am not sponsored by Passion Planner to make this. There has been no money exchanged other than me buying this product. They don’t know me, I’m just someone who wants to talk about their product for #content. Now with that being said let’s get into the review!

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Back in November to get my life together I was looking into a few different organizational systems one idea that came to mind was the passion planner. I have tried bullet journalling in the past, but because I have to set aside time each month to fix up the BuJo, I wasn’t entirely thrilled with the prospect of having to spend 2 hours fixing it each month. People have been using planners long before the invention of the bullet journal perhaps, I thought, I should start there.

How did I find out about it?

I have been a big fan of bullet journaling ever since I subscribed to AmandaRachLee’s youtube channel in 2015. Now, during my planning and organizing watches, I found the planner community on YouTube. Yes, I watch a lot of YouTube, but it’s research…mostly. anyways, there are a few people who talked about the planning system known as the passion planner. I went to the website, downloaded my first week of the planner for free, and I really enjoyed the system. I enjoyed it so much that I invested in buying an undated Monday start at the low-low price of $36.90 shipping and handling included. it was just the plain black one, and yes, I have it adorned with stickers. Do you think I’m a monster for adding them or not adding them? Comment down below!

How does it work?

You may have heard of a little thing called manifesting. the belief that if you envision better things, better things will come to you. it’s a big part of the setup, but it breaks down the ephemeral of your ideas and desires, into tangible milestones that can be achieved. so it looks a little like this: every month you are doing projects to help you reach your goals and every week you set up the smaller tasks of each project. then there’s a review for each month, to make sure that your goals are still achievable and where are the pitfalls to avoid or work through.

So after 6 months what do you think of it?

I really enjoyed using the passion planner system however, there are some things I wish I had done differently. I’m not a big fan of manifestation and the beginning exercise is just that. I have a vision board and for the year, I’m out when it comes to manifesting anymore after that. I’m not a person who can just talk about their dreams in length, I have to be an active participant.

the weekly inspirational homework, I find voluntary also, if I have a massive weekly to-do list or have a ton of places to be and/or people to see, I don’t want to do the weekly assignment of relisting my priorities or trying to change the way I work.

Any tips for Passion Planner newbies?

  1. Make your planner work for you! If there is something that doesn’t suit you, like the weekly assignments, just ignore ’em your systems need to work for you and you alone.
  2. Color coordinate if possible. I have work things in red, financial stuff in green, social in blue, choose in yellow, admin in orange, and me-time in purple. You can choose whatever color codes suit you, but it makes it easier on my memory.
  3. If you buy an updated one, set aside time in your week or month to set up events in your planner
  4. Take it with you where ever you go! If it’s on hand you can use it more often, if you use it more often, then the system works. The system only exists if you use it!


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