Mid-Year Check-In

Cindy Tillory Avatar

So this is how I want to measure my successes for the year 2023. Going forward I may change up some things, but this what I have so far. So let’s start with some gratitude.

My Gratitude List

  • Getting hired and Having a real-life, brick-and-mortar job
  • Restarting therapy
  • Having social time with friends
  • Learning to let go of what doesn’t serve me

Achievements so far

  1. New Job
  2. Finished 13 of my 23 books for 2023
  3. Edited down my book & clothing collection
  4. Created a capsule wardrobe using my existing wardrobe
  5. Created a method for meal planning that incorporates veggies.

2023 Goals

  • Find a second source of income
  • diversify my skills & experience
  • Pay down credit card debt
  • create an emergency fund

So how do you measure your year? What things are you looking forward to this summer? Are there any goals that you want to reach this week, month, season or year?

type at you soon!


— Cindy

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