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How To Define What You Do

So, what do you do? If you feel personally attacked by this statement you’re not alone. I often worry about people’s thoughts if I tell them I’m not working. or at least I was until I came up with a new game plan. When people ask “what do you do?” What they are typically asking…

How to Hone Your Creative Focus

Have you ever started a long-term project and then abandoned it a few months in? You had the motivation, the drive, or the gumption to start that project but that new idea is just too new and shiny to ever resist. Or how about this: you have a fleshed-out idea, but you can’t complete it…

5 Quotes to Uplift You

I think that this first week in the new year of 2023 we need something to uplift us and get us through the year feeling our very best, inside and out. so I cultivated these five quotes to look back on when you are having a rough time this year.


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photo by Anne Landstrom
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Hi, I’m Cindy. I am a Writer, Amateur Photographer, and Mental Health Activist. Late-Start was an idea that came to me as a way to give back and share my knowledge and my truth. is named because we all have our own starting point in life. that place where we can actually start at our own pace, (we may even have multiple starting points in life) it’s not when you start that matters it’s that you do and don’t give up!

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