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Recovery Goals Check-in: July 2021

So it’s been a little over a month since I set my recovery goals with all of you and now I believe it’s time to hold myself accountable.  So this is my first monthly check-in for where I am at on my Recovery goals. I decided on writing this because I didn’t want this to… Continue reading Recovery Goals Check-in: July 2021

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Productivity as Recovery

Here a few healthy ways I connect my productivity to my mental health.

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Why “The Happiness Equation” still matters

Neil Pasricha’s book “The Happiness Equation” published in 2015 may be the most important read of your life, but after the horrors of 2020, is it still worth the read? I would argue yes. It’s definitely worth the read, but why? 2020 opened us up to a new reality, one much darker than our former… Continue reading Why “The Happiness Equation” still matters