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5 Mindful Habits

I want to be intentional with as much of my life as possible. I feel like living an intentional and authentic life is an endeavor, maybe not the greatest endeavor of our age, but an endeavor nonetheless. The 1 Hour Tidy: Have you ever heard the expression "cluttered room, cluttered mind?" It doesn't take much… Continue reading 5 Mindful Habits

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Monthly Motivations: May 2021

A post in which I discuss the last month's achievements and my intentions for May of 2021.

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Mood Tracking: Final Results

What did I notice from tracking my mood? Yes, my appetite is all over the place with highs and lows, my energy level is in line with my sleep, and my sleep messes with my mood. Most of the other data points are not particularly useful. I thought they would be, but no. Would I… Continue reading Mood Tracking: Final Results